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Tuition Information

How Is the Tuition Amount Determined? 

The yearly tuition rate for the Blended Prekindergarten Program is set every year by the Texas Education Agency in accordance with TEC § 29.1531 (b). TEA Prekindergarten Tuition Information The current approved tuition rate for the 2021-2022 school year is $5,841.00. The district may not adopt a tuition rate for the Prekindergarten program that is higher than necessary to cover the added cost to the district of the providing program, including any costs associated with collecting, reporting, and analyzing data.   

Payment Information
Tuition can either be paid in full upon acceptance into the Prekindergarten program, or through monthly automatic withdrawals (ACH Debit Authorization) August-May. Payments are divided equally regardless of the number of days school is in session during a given month. The ACH form must be completed and turned into the Special Program Department with a voided check once enrollment is approved. 

Late Payments
Accounts with outstanding balances will be reviewed on the 10th and 20th of every month. Notices of outstanding balances will be sent through email and via phone.  On the last day of every month, accounts with outstanding balances will be notified that their student will be unable to return to the prekindergarten program until the late payment, as well as the following month’s payment is received.

In the event you withdraw from the program:
 -The campus principal must be notified
 -Tuition payments must be up to date and are not refunded if withdrawing before the month ends