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The Carroll ISD has an obligation to identify, locate and evaluate each child, birth to age 21 inclusive, residing within the jurisdiction of the District who has a disability or is suspected of having a disability, regardless of the severity of the disability, and who is in need of special education and related services.

The District provides special education and related services to eligible students ages 3 through 21 who reside within the District. To be eligible for the District’s program of special education and related services, a student must (a) have one or more of the thirteen qualifying disabilities and (b) need special education and related services because of the disability. 

Carroll ISD provides Full Individual Evaluations to students suspected of having a disability under IDEA with parental consent.  The purpose of the FIE is to:

  • determine if a student meets the criteria for having one of the categories of disability;
  • determine if, by reason of the disability, the student needs special education and related services and therefore qualifies for special education and related services; and
  • determine the educational needs of the student.

Evaluations will provide information to determine present levels of academic achievement, social and emotional performance, and related educational needs. No single evaluation tool may be used as the sole criterion for determining eligibility. Rather, a variety of assessments (both formal and informal assessments), including information provided by parents, guardians, classroom teachers, and observations of the student's classroom performance, work samples/portfolios, interviews, and review of the records used.

For more information on Caroll ISDs evaluation procedures, please refer to Caroll ISD Operating Procedures or contact the Special Programs department at 817-949-7050.

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