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Parent Resources

Parent Filtering Controls

Web filtering is already in place on student devices wherever they go. However, we do recommend parents add additional filtering products for their child’s district-issued laptop (grades 5-12). This allows parents to provide additional filtering and control of student online activities. For example, some tools allow parents to set time limits for their student (no internet after 10pm), or limit time by category (only 1 hour of social sites), or to block sites that they may find distracting. Filtering products like Qustudio and Net Nanny offer services to block inappropriate content,  as well as detailed reports about online activity. If you would like to have additional filtering installed on your child’s district-issued laptop, please contact your school's front office to schedule an appointment with the campus technician. The campus technician can assist you with the installation.

Internet Safety and Privacy

Screen Time

It’s important to find the right balance for your family’s needs and lifestyle while helping kids moderate their own habits.

Digital Citizenship

Digital Footprint

How to Choose Great Resources and Content for Your Kids

The tools below can help you evaluate the learning potential of a resource based on a range of different criteria.

Social Media

Today’s kids start diving into the Social Media world when what seems to be as soon as their little fingers can type. Knowing about the different Social Media platforms, privacy settings, and age restrictions are useful when monitoring your child’s use.