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General Care & Maintenance

Students are responsible for the general care of a device issued by Carroll ISD. Any device that is not working properly should be reported to the technician on campus for repair.
Proper care of a Carroll ISD device includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Transport devices in a protective sleeve or bag.
  • Avoid having food or drinks near devices.
  • Protect devices from extreme heat or cold.
  • Avoid using devices near water, such as a swimming pool.
  • Avoid leaving devices on the floor, or in a location where they can be damaged (i.e. on the edge of a desk, near pets, near small children).
  • Avoid stacking books or other heavy objects on top of the devices.
  • Do not loan devices or accessories to other students.
  • Devices should not be left unattended or unlocked.
  • Devices should not be left in a vehicle.
  • If traveling, devices may be carried on to the plane but may not be checked as luggage at the airport.

Keeping Your Device Safe & Secure

Student devices are the property of Carroll ISD. All students should follow the CISD Student/Parent Device Handbook, the AUP, and the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct.  Lost or stolen devices will be reported to the technician on campus no later than one school day after it has been missing. 

Device Identification

Devices are labeled by CISD and can be identified by the service tag; do not remove the service tag sticker on any device. Additionally, students may not add stickers directly to the laptop or deface the device in any manner.