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Action Responsibility Date
Consideration of a designation by adoption of a resolution Board 5/1/2017
Vote to adopt a resolution to consider designation Board 5/1/2017
Hold a public hearing Board 5/1/2017
Appoint a committee to develop a local innovation plan Board 5/1/2017
Hold a public meeting Board 9/25/2017
Innovation Plan Committee meeting Committee 9/26/2017
Innovation Plan Sub-committee meeting Sub-committees 9/27/2017-10/9/2017
Innovation Plan Committee meeting Committee 10/10/2017
Post local innovation plan on website District 10/11/2017-11/11/2017
Send notification to Commissioner of intention to vote on local innovation plan Board 11/11/2017
First reading for local Innovation Plan Board 11/13/2017
DAC hold a public meeting to consider final version of the proposed plan; DAC to vote on final plan Committee 11/14/2017
Board to vote on approval of final plan Board 12/4/2017
Notification to Commissioner of approval of plan District 12/5/2017