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7th Grade Teams

  • 7A
    Claire Bales - Math 

    Maridy De La Cruz - Social Studies 

    Shelby Krolick - Language Arts 

    Susan Cortez - Science 


    Megan Bradle – Math

    Jordan Evans – Language Arts

    Madison Mann – Language Arts

    Becky Rosendahl – Science

    Bree Waldie – Social Studies



    Ashlea Garrison – Social Studies

    Paige Lubianski – Science

    Sophie Martin- Math

    Danielle Pfaff- Language Arts

8th Grade Teams

  • 8A
    Michelle Parus
    Jenny Bowen
    Melany Ash
    Alyse Tritton

    Jenna Cossu
    Melody Lundy
    Teri Weber
    Kathi Exline

    Jenny Wilson
    Brenda Nathman
    Amber Wiederhold
    Rebekah Beard

  • Why Teaming at CMS?

    What is the philosophy behind teaming?
    Teaming is the organizational structure that creates opportunities for core teachers (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) to work with a common set of students, allowing for collaboration among teachers, integration of the curriculum, and coordination of activities to best promote learning for every child. Each team is designed as a learning community within the larger middle school (school within a school) helping to reduce student isolation. Only core teachers have a “team” planning period, electives do not; however teaming allows for greater communication with all teachers.

    Why is teaming better for middle school students?
    Teams create a social and academic climate that promotes developmentally appropriate activities for adolescents with a core area group of teachers. A team has been compared to a small neighborhood in a big city, enabling educators and adolescents to interact daily. This allows teachers to better meet the needs of teams of students as a whole as well as their individual needs. Teaming allows teachers time to assist students with the transition from intermediate school, as well as to high school. This is a critical time in an adolescent’s life, and we want to continue to provide open communication with parents regarding their child. Team time provides the opportunity for parents to meet with all core teachers at one time, rather than four separate conferences.

    How are teams of teachers and students created?
    The building administration assigns teachers to teams based on their areas of specialization. Core area teachers serving on the team also consult with support staff, such as special education staff, gifted and talented personnel, and the grade-level guidance counselor and administrator.

    What decisions about my child’s academic and social life in the middle school are made at the team level?
    Your child’s team teachers meet regularly to discuss team issues and plan social and academic activities to enhance his or her middle school experience. Teams set common goals, monitor individual student progress, coordinate communication with parents, plan curriculum integrations, coordinate homework, and plan special team activities.

    Middle School students that begin to struggle can be identified earlier and interventions can be put into place earlier because of better communication within the team. Without teaming, identifying these students is much harder due to decreased communication (i.e. the opportunity to discuss academic, social, emotional needs of common students is removed without teaming).

    How do CMS teams spend their time?
    See chart below

    Chart showing teacher time spent during teaming