WGES Traffic Plan


    Traffic Plan  

    Car Loop – Arrival Procedures (south side of the campus)
    The gym & café doors open at 7:30 for students and Tardy Bell rings at 7:55. Please do not leave your child at the school before 7:30 as we do not have staff on duty for supervision.

    • No Cell Phones while in school zone, pick up/drop off- State Law
    • Car loop entrance is located at the southeast corner of campus off White Chapel Blvd.
    • Proceed west to the end of the parking lot – drive slowly, as speed bumps have been installed.
    • Turn RIGHT into the car loop. There are two car loop lanes: which we refer to as school side and cross walk side.
    • The middle lane is designated as a “no-passing” lane, and clearly marked with safety cones.
    • Please do not change lanes once you have entered the car loop.
    • Pull forward all the way to the front of the loop (near the flagpoles.)
    • For safety reasons, students must enter AND exit the car from curbside only, which is determined by which lane your car is in (exit/enter the driver-side if in the left lane, or exit/enter the passenger-side if in the right-lane).
    • Both car loop lanes will exit to the left and follow the loop to White Chapel Blvd.
    • The gym and café doors located off the car loop will close at 7:55 a.m. when the tardy bell rings. If your child arrives after 7:55 AM, please park and walk your child into the front lobby.
    • During inclement weather, the car loop may be condensed to ONE lane (school side). Kindergartener, first and second graders will enter into the gym at arrival and proceed directly to the classroom. Third and Fourth graders will enter into the café and proceed directly to the classroom.

    Car Loop - Dismissal Procedures
    School concludes at 3:00 (11:55 on early release days the first week)

    • Enter and exit the same as car loop arrival procedures.
    • Display DISMISSAL NAME CARD with your child(rens’) first and last name in the car window facing closest to the curb.
    • If you arrive after the conclusion of dismissal, you will need to park in the front and come in to the lobby to pick up your child. This procedure also applies if your child is involved in after-school activities, such as tutoring. In this case, a teacher will meet you at the visitor entrance.

    Bus Loop (East side of campus)

    • Please do not park in the bus loop during arrival or dismissal.
    • The bus loop is designed for bus traffic only – cars may not enter bus loop during arrival or dismissal.
    • Please do not walk through the bus loop while buses are loading and unloading. The WGES campus does not have a safe zone for parents to park and physically walk to the campus doors to drop-off or pick-up their children. Therefore, you must enter the carrider loop when dropping off or picking up your child. WGES staff members will be present to assist parent drivers during pick-up and drop-off times. Should parents need to enter the WGES campus at any time (including arrival and dismissal times), please park in the visitor parking area and check-in at the front office.

    Bike Riders and Walkers

    • Please access the school using the appropriate neighborhood sidewalks and cross walks.
    • Bicycle racks are located on the west side of the campus, near the café picnic tables.
    • Morning Arrival: Bike Riders and Walkers will enter the campus through the gym/cafe doors by the car loop (the same entrance as car riders).
    • Afternoon Dismissal: Bike Riders and Walkers will exit the campus through the cafe doors leading out the back toward outdoor picnic area (west side). Parents are to meet their children at the café doors and join in the walk or bike ride home. A WGES staff member will be present to monitor the area, and parents will sign their child(ren) out.