CMS Attendance Sign In/Out Procedures

**NEW Procedures to begin 9/21**

 CMS Attendance Sign In/Out Procedures

1-Parent/Guardian will push the intercom button and let the CMS Employee know your reason for visiting the school.  Please have your Driver’s License ready to show to the camera for verification. Upon verification, our receptionist will buzz you into our lobby.

2-On the table to the left inside the lobby you will see a QR Scan code and an Ipad.  You may use either method to sign your student in or out. 

3-Fill out the Google Document and submit.

For Sign Outs:

1-The Attendance clerk will receive the notification and retrieve your student for sign out.  The student will meet you in the lobby entrance.

For Sign In:

1-If your student has a doctor note, they can sign in on the QR Scan code or Ipad then proceed to the Attendance window to drop off the note and receive an admit slip back to class.

2-If your student does not have a doctor note, the parent needs to sign them back in on the QR Scan code and the student will proceed to the Attendance Window to receive an admit slip back to class.