CMS Attendance Sign In/Out Procedures

CMS Attendance Sign In/Out Procedures 

Welcome to Carroll Middle School and the 2021-2022 school year.  Again this year, we will be following the same procedures to enter the building and to check students in and out:


  • Please ring the buzzer to the left of the doors to speak with the Front Desk;


  • Please introduce yourself and your purpose for coming to campus;


  • Please have your picture ID ready to point toward the camera when prompted;


  • If you are here to check your student in or out, once you enter into the vestibule, please be sure to enter the student’s name in the Google document in the iPad to your left;


  • If signing your student out, your student will be called out and meet you in the vestibule;


  • If signing your student in, your student will then proceed to the front office to obtain a pass to enter their class.


  • If anyone other than the parent/guardian is checking out a student, they MUST be listed on your Emergency contact list or the parent must call the school and give approval. Please make sure the person picking up has their identification.