Kids Heart Challenge

Kids Heart Challenge

JES Dragons are jumping into the fight against heart disease and stroke by participating in the American Heart Association's new program, Kids Heart Challenge.  

JES Kids Heart Challenge Website

How to Be a Heart Hero: 

  1. Learn how to take care of your own heart!  In P.E. and Health classes, we will be learning the right steps to form heart-healthy habits. 
  2. Help spread the message to friends and family, and share how they can be heart-healthy.  
  3. Collect donations for the American Heart Association.  Students may seek donations from family and friends to help support their fundraising efforts.

Our campus fundraising goal is $25,000.  Fundraisers will be celebrated with prizes and recognition.  

We will celebrate our Kids Heart Challenge together on Thursday, February 21st and Friday, February 22nd.  Please see the letter for complete details.