Platform Change Request

Platform Change Request

All JES families have the opportunity to request a change of instructional platform, effective at the start of the next grading period.  The options are:

  • moving from in-person instruction to virtual instruction (DVA)
  • moving from virtual instruction (DVA) to in-person instruction

Here is what families need to know:

  • Although we will do our best to keep students together, we cannot guarantee this. Depending on how our numbers change, there is a possibility your child may not have the same classmates or teacher, especially if you request a change of platform.
  • This is a request change for platform only, not for requesting a specific teacher. 
  • The deadline to submit this form is Monday, December 7, at 3:30 pm.
  • Any changes in teacher assignment will be shared after the December 7th deadline when we have all of the information. We anticipate being able to get this information to families the week of December 14th - 18th. 
  • Changes in platform will be effective Monday, January 4th, the start of the third grading period.
  • Families will have another opportunity to change platforms at the end of the third grading period. 

All requests must be submitted through the Google Form by Monday, December 7, at 3:30 pm. 

*Please do not email your requests to office staff, administrators, teachers, or the counselor.  We want to keep all requests together.*

JES Platform Change Request Form